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Hey, I just fell really hard! :( My problem is that when I’m going over a certain speed, the change from edge to edge is really aggressive. Can anyone give me advice on how to control my board when going very fast? I have 2 set-ups, one with stock wheels and b chubbs for chilling, and one with da blues with 72mm Upgrade Center Wheels for downhill on a Bamboo OG Deck.

THX! from Monterrey, Mexico

Pro Answer: Corey Lucero
I’m guessing you use the second setup (da blues, 72mm centers, bamboo) for faster downhill, and will base my tips on that.

The first thing that comes to mind from the description of your issue would be how tight or loose are your trucks? If your trucks are too loose, edge transfer could be aggressive because you are able to lean further over your edge before you get a response from it, and end up distributing too much weight over the edge when it does respond. This can cause the trucks to be in a position for a very sharp turn, very quickly, and throw you off if you aren’t expecting it. If this is the case, try tightening your trucks to various tensions and then go ride to see if it has made a difference, tighten/loosen as necessary.

If you feel that you are comfortable with your truck tension, then also look into the condition of your bearings. If your bearings don’t spin well, this could also be the cause of your issue. When the edge wheels with rusty/dirty bearings hit the pavement the friction could be enough to exaggerate a turn, and throw you off a bit, although I don’t think this would be as big of an issue as truck tension. I would recommend cleaning the bearings in this case, there are many tutorials on youtube of how to do this…here is my cousin explaining one way to do it with Acetone: www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9kr7klUON8

Lastly, since you have experience skating and wakeboarding, I won’t go into super detail about weighting yourself on the Freebord, but in my opinion it helps to keep my back leg bent, and my front leg straighter (but still slightly bent) when going fast. So you don’t want to be leaning back over the rear truck, but just centering more weight over the rear truck in general.

Well hey man I hope this helps, props to you for learning to Freebord on your own!! I know what its like eating pavement so let me know if you need more pointers or anything to be clarified.


-Corey Lucero

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