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Rider Question:
What do I need to work on in my freebording to become a freebord pro? What criteria make you “good” at freebording?


Pro Answer: Mike Hoppe
Hey Dallas, thanks for the question. There’s no specific “criteria” to being pro. The first thing you should do is check out all the team subs from last year. They’re on the team profiles here: www.freebord.com/team

While some of us are more downhill oriented and others are more freestyle oriented, notice that every member of the team is pretty well-rounded and can do both.

Couple of other things that might help you get sponsed:

Get a crew. Riding with friends is way more fun. Get some rides up the hill, film eachother, push eachother, etc.

Find good terrain. Stepping up to bigger, better hills and skate spots is crucial as you’re stepping up you riding game. Keep exploring.

Film a lot. Self-made videos are how every pro first got on the map, so make an effort to improve your filming techniques and editing skills so you can showcase your riding well.

Baby steps. Don’t be stupid. Stay within your limits and live to ride another day. Don’t step to that 10 stair if you can’t do 5, and definitely do not be unsafe on big hills if you’re feeling sketchy. And of course, wear your helmet, every time, no excuses.

Submit early. Even if you don’t feel your riding is at team-status yet, it never hurts to submit for the team at the end of each year. This will get you on Freebord’s radar and the team manager may give you some specific feedback on areas that need improvement.

At the end of the day, I wouldn’t worry too much about “practicing” this stuff. Just ride a lot and have fun doing it and the progression will come. The best reward you’ll ever get out of your bord is the pure thrill of riding it down your favorite hill. That’s still true for me, and it’s something we all share in common, pro or not.


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